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Overview of women’s health

Women’s health encompasses many aspects, including physical and mental well-being. Issues regarding women’s health are uniquely varied, including those related to reproduction and conditions affecting the female reproductive system. While female reproduction is crucial in women’s health, the most common diseases experienced by women are cardiovascular.


Women have unique and intricate health needs, so it’s crucial for them to regularly see a doctor. It’s recommended that every woman over 18 get checked at least every two years for comprehensive women’s health screenings. This includes consulting with a doctor about any health concerns or questions they may have.


Unfortunately, many women face socioeconomic barriers that can impact their health. Additionally, these factors can hinder them from accessing adequate medical care.


Tests for Women’s Health

Tests for women’s health are crucial because these procedures play a vital role in preventing and early detecting various diseases that can affect women. Regular testing is essential to maintain health and reduce the risk of death from multiple diseases.


Cervical Screening Test

The cervical screening test assesses the condition of the cervix by taking a small sample. This procedure detects any abnormal changes in cells that may lead to cervical cancer. It aims to identify certain types of human papillomavirus (HPV) that can potentially trigger these abnormal changes.


While most cases of HPV can naturally clear without causing harm, persistent infections can significantly increase the risk of cervical cell abnormalities. This is where the risk of cervical cancer also escalates. Cervical screening is done as a preventive measure, not a diagnostic test for cancer. Therefore, this procedure is recommended for women aged 25-64 to undergo regular screenings. Regular screenings are conducted to detect abnormalities early and enable timely treatment.


Breast Check

Breast checks are examinations performed by a woman to look for signs of cancer before any symptoms appear. Women need to conduct breast exams to reduce the risk of breast cancer-related deaths. Women aged 40 to 74 are advised to undergo a breast screening program every two years as this age range carries an average risk of breast cancer. While these exams don’t prevent breast cancer, they are highly beneficial in detecting the disease early for effective treatment.


Several tests are conducted to detect signs of breast cancer, one of which is a mammogram. It’s an X-ray image of the breast and is the primary method for early detection. In addition to mammograms, there’s Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), a method for early detection. This technique uses magnetic fields and radio waves to generate images.


STD Screening

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), also known as sexually transmitted infections (STIs), are infections spread through sexual activity. STD screening is crucial, especially for those who have multiple sexual partners. Many STD cases don’t show symptoms, which is why these diseases are also referred to as STIs.


Women under 25 who engage in sexual activity with multiple or new partners are advised to undergo annual screening. This is particularly true for chlamydia and gonorrhea, as these infections may not show symptoms. For routine HIV testing, it’s recommended for individuals aged 15-65. Home STD testing kits are becoming increasingly popular, but they may not always be accurate, so it’s advisable to confirm results with healthcare services.




To ensure optimal women’s health, it’s essential to understand the role of each health screening related to their specific conditions. Some tests may not cure a disease but can detect various illnesses early, which is beneficial for better management and reducing the risk of death from diseases that commonly affect women.


In addition to the standard health screenings mentioned, it’s also essential for women to discuss various other health issues. At Wells Road Medical Centre, women can discuss standard health screenings as well as various other health topics such as contraception options, menopause management, sleep patterns, and anxiety.


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