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When a company decides to recruit a candidate, the decision is based not solely on skills but also on physical and mental health conditions. Health and safety are paramount in ensuring employees can perform their duties effectively and without risk.


This underscores the importance of services such as Pre & Post Employment Medicals. These assessments are integral to the recruitment process, allowing a company to evaluate a candidate’s health status as a key factor in its hiring decision.


What is a pre-employment medical?

A pre-employment medical is a comprehensive medical assessment conducted before an individual begins a new job to ensure they are medically fit for the role. Typically performed by trained professionals in medical centres, this examination encompasses various tests.


During the assessment, candidates may be asked about their medical history, including prior illnesses or surgeries, as it can be one of the factors for them to be required. Vital signs such as blood pressure and heart rate are often measured alongside tests for lung function, hearing, and vision. Certain positions may additionally necessitate screening for drug and alcohol use.


Different Types of Pre-Employment Tests

To conduct pre-employment tests properly, various types of tests can be performed to ensure the accuracy of the health assessment results.


Stamina and Physical Ability Test

The Stamina and Physical Ability Test evaluates an individual’s physical fitness for job-specific tasks. It can also consider accommodations for people with disabilities, as per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


The medical examination consists of various tasks such as lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling items of different weights, among other pertinent exercises. It evaluates an individual’s muscular strength, heart and lung endurance, equilibrium, and psychological resilience when subjected to physical stress, confirming which are the factors that may limit the applicants and how capable they are of executing the required duties without risk.


Human Performance Evaluation (HPE)

If the Stamina and Physical Ability Test focuses more on endurance and how well individuals can perform their work tasks, the Human Performance Evaluation (HPE) focuses solely on the particular duties and physical actions associated with the position being applied for.


During the HPE, an individual may be tested on their workforce capacity to exert force, drag, and lift specified weights, which are set by the prospective employer. The evaluation also measures the candidate’s flexibility and mobility through tasks like squatting, bending, or ascending a ladder.


Drug and Alcohol Screening

Many companies are requiring their employees to be free from drug and alcohol use, as maintaining a drug-free workplace is crucial for ensuring safety, productivity, and compliance with regulations. This screening can involve analyzing a candidate’s hair, urine, or blood samples, with the hiring company typically choosing the collection method.


Psychological Test

A psychological test is a tool used to assess a person’s mental health, personality, and cognitive abilities. It helps employers make informed decisions regarding hiring and managing employees based on the candidate’s psychological state.


Typically, the initial evaluations consist of fundamental personality and capability assessments that provide insights into an individual’s character and approach to work. Additional examinations may delve deeper into mental well-being, examining issues like depression or anxiety.


What is a post-employment medical?

A post-employment medical is a health checkup done after someone starts a new job. It monitors employees’ health while they work, helping ensure they’re still physically able to do their jobs and catching any health issues early on.


Like a pre-employment medical, a post-employment medical may include various tests based on the job’s requirements and potential health risk factors. These tests can check things like blood pressure, heart rate, lung function, hearing, and vision. The goal is to spot any health changes that could affect their ability to work safely and effectively.


How Is a Post-Employment Test Different From Pre-Employment Testing?

A post-employment test differs from pre-employment testing in timing and focus. Post-employment testing serves as a continuous check-up on an employee’s ability to perform their job safely and effectively. It’s focused on ensuring employees’ health and performance levels are maintained throughout their employment.


Pre-employment testing, on the other hand, focuses on evaluating a candidate’s suitability for the job during the recruitment process before they are hired. It’s preventive, aiming to ensure that the new hire will be able to handle the job’s demands without any significant risk of injury or performance issues. The focus here is on potential and suitability, setting a baseline for what the employer can expect from the candidate once they start the job.


Employee health directly impacts job performance. It’s essential for companies to be vigilant about this aspect to ensure that team members are well-matched to their roles. Pre & Post Employment Medicals serve as a vital tool in this process, bridging the gap between candidate potential and job requirements. By identifying any health issues early, these medicals contribute to a safer, more effective workplace.


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