Antenatal & Shared Care


Antenatal Care is provided to pregnant women by Dr Gabriela Coptil.

Shared Care means that during the course of your pregnancy, you visit the hospital on only two to four occasions and Dr Coptil will do the remainder of the monitoring.


Dr Coptil does Antenatal Share care in conjunction with the local hospitals:

~ Monash Medical

~ Dandenong Hospital

~ Frankston Hospital

~ Casey Hospital


The initial appointment to discuss your pregnancy requires a 20 min consultation. The cost for this consultation is $144.00 which needs to be paid on the day of consultation, you will receive a rebate from Medicare of $73.95. (prices are subject to change, please check with reception when you make an appointment)


Every other consultation is then Bulk Billed.


After the birth, a 6 week check up occurs. A 30 min appointment is required for yourself and the baby.


Make sure your baby has been registered by Medicare by this consultation, otherwise a Private consultation fee will need to be paid of $60, which some of the amount will be rebated by Medicare once your baby is registered